About Us


Ideagraffiti is the brainchild of two people who love animals and music that have decided to transform their hobby into a business.


The idea to create tags for dogs and cats comes from the need deeply felt which is that the disappearance of a large number of dogs and cats. The use of the id tags is an important support in the search in the event of loss of your pet.

The economic price of our tags are due to the need to encourage anyone who has a pet to buy him an ID tag containing at least a reference to be traced.

The passion for animals also allows us to customize the tags with great care and dedication, knowing that what we are selling not only may help to find your best friend but also represents a precious jewel for them to wear with love.


Some sections of the site are dedicated to the sale of products for pets eco-friendly and non-toxic as they too are entitled to a life healthy and not harmful to the environment.


Also our passion for music has allowed us to design for musicians customizable products so you can play with a single tool and unrepeatable.


All the products we sell are manufactured entirely in the European Union.



Happy surfing.




IDEAGRAFFITI di Katia Storti Gaiani

Via Vaccari 12

42041 Brescello

Reggio Emilia


p.iva: 02732800350